You will need to obtain a login from Temenos Customer Service Portal (TCSP registration)

Support for the login registration is available from

Then head to this page to login

There are 3 types of download available

  1. NPM - use "npm install @unified-ux/web" or "yarn install" - if @unified-ux/web has already been added as a dependency in package.json
  2. Latest unified-ux-min.js - Built daily with latest code.
  3. LTS - Long term supported - Releases

To simply use UUX Web Components in your webpage or app, look at the demo pages here

This download is the SCALE Transact API Demo

We also have the unified-ux-web.min.js hosted. You can link to this file on your HTML like this

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src=""></script>

Or you can download them to your local drive with these links

For option 1. (NPM) access, you will also need to configure a .npmrc file in your home folder with these contents

# Map your company's NPM scope ("@example") to the private registry URL:
# Otherwise, all other packages come from the public NPM registry:
# Here we specify how the package manager should authenticate to the private registry.
# For security reasons, CI jobs should obtain their tokens from environment variables.
# The exact syntax depends on your registry provider. If a line references an environment
# variable that is undefined, Rush will ignore that line. This avoids producing an invalid
# string that might interfere with a developer who obtains their credentials from ~/.npmrc.

Once you have obtained the username and password from Temenos. It can be converted into a token for use by the npm server.

$ echo -n 'myUsername:myPassword' | openssl base64