Unified UX is a set of Web Component libraries built on the Temenos Design System for building applications on the Web. It allows you to develop user experiences using the open web standard tools you're already familiar with.

When developing with Unified UX, you're able to:

  1. Use any JavaScript framework. We have a purpose-built web component library that can be used with any JavaScript framework including React, Angular and Vue.
  2. Manage projects with a powerful CLI. Use a command-line utility to easily generate projects, components, and build a project to a production environment.
  3. Develop for any platform. Learn one way to build applications with the Unified UX library and reuse your abilities to build apps for the web using Visualizer, Maestro or UXP.

Sound good?

Check out the "Quick Start" guide.

To simply use UUX Web Components in your webpage or app, look at the demo and tutorial pages.